About Tregz

My name is Eghons. Iโ€™m a sewing blogger and a pattern maker.I create custom outfits that are richly inspired by African culture,prints and colors.I love to sew and I teach individuals (Both Online and Offline) how to sew by creating patterns using their own measurement to make custom outfits.With my step by step easy to follow sew along videos,you will be able to learn the basis of sewing in no time.

The brand name TREGZ is a combination of my husbands name (TROST) and my name (EGHONS).My husband has been a great part of my success story,so his name deserved to be part of my brand…lol.

The brand was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping ladies get their dream outfit customized to their UNIQUE body shape and size.And because fabric is key to custom made outfits ,we provide a wide range of high quality fabrics and designs for you to choose from.The option to upload your own design is also provided as our mission and vision is to give every woman the opportunity to express their individuality.

I first learned to sew in 2002 during one of my long school holidays and since then I had not stopped learning . I did a short course in pattern making in London college of fashion.Because of my love for sewing, I dedicated three full years to study fashion design and pattern making in Esmod Dubai fashion university.Even though Iโ€™m now a fashion designer/pattern making graduate,and with years of professional experience in creating custom outfits,Iโ€™m always learning and I remember what its like being a beginner.That is why I try to teach and share my ideas in a very simple way to remove the fear from the learning process.
Now, join me, lets walk this journey together.

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