Hi guys!!! Welcome to my sewing blog. Hope you all are doing great? Today on the blog,I will be talking about this flared sleeve top and the pencil skirt. I bet you guys thought it was a dress cos I hardly wear skirts…lol. Well, I’m trying to make more seperates, as this will help me to mix and match my outfits more.

The fabric I used for the top was from an African textile shop in Belgium while the one I used for the skirt was from a fabric retailer on Instagram @gleambodice. I used about one and half meters for the skirt and about 3 meters for the top.

The top and skirts where made with self drafted patterns. I drafted a bodice and skirt basic block using my own measurements. The beauty of creating your own basic blocks is that, you are able to make clothes that fits you perfectly, because you are using your exact measurements. And you also can create as many styles as possible from these blocks. So I made a video tutorial of how you too can create your own skirt basic block using your measurements. Click Here to get the tutorial.

The skirt was quite simple to make even with lining inside, but it’s got a lot of finishing details that will also be useful for other projects (like how to easily fix an invisible zipper with a lining, how to get a clean hem finishing, how to cut waist band properly and attach it nicely to the skirt).You should check out the cutting and sewing tutorial  Here.

I wanted you all to see the fit of this skirt on me so I decided to tuck in my blouse ..lol, can’t remember when last I tucked in cos of my mummy’s tummy ..lol ,but hey who cares !!!

For the top, I wanted something quick and really simple, not anything with lining or buttons. But,I noticed the top was a bit short after sewing, and folding in the hem would make it even shorter, so I cut about 4cm wide fabric on bais, attached it to the hem and folded it in.Humm….that was a quick fix,and I was happy with the outcome.Guess you didn’t even notice it…lol…if i had not mentioned it and posted the picture.

Unfortunately ,I didn’t make a video for this top, but don’t worry, for my next post on the blog, I will teach you how to draft a basic bodice and a sleeve block and how to make a top with these blocks.

 Until then, thank you so much for stopping by.

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